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Galleon Launches in Ontario

Galleon has arrived on the shores of Lake Ontario, and guess what? It’s full of precious cargo: some of the finest wines in the world!

There are no ancient sailboats parked on Toronto’s doorstep. Rather, Galleon – a luxury wine importer supported by Philippe Dandurand Wines – recently launched in Ontario. 

It’s time to celebrate, and break out some sparkling, right?

With Galleon, you can shop the world one glass at a time, and they offer their customers access to exceptional wines with the promise of enjoyment and new discoveries.

The Sparkling Winos Collection

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Galleon on the Sparkling Winos Collection, which features a series of wines personally selected by us from Galleon’s incredible portfolio of world class wines. 

And yes, you guessed right, our focus is on traditional method bubbles from our favourite wine regions across the globe including Champagne, Franciacorta, Trentodoc and a few sparkling surprises in between (including Bordeaux and Spain). 

Our shop showcases that sparkling wine is a spectrum, and that your answer to the question of “Red or White?” should be “Sparkling”!

As an added bonus, you can use code SPARKLINGWINOS for 10% off your order.

You can find our collection here:

Our Galleon Collection includes eight premium, hand selected wines to showcase the diversity of the sparkling wine category and help you find your sparkle.

All of our selections are from Old World wine regions and are made in the traditional method.

The Wines


LES CORDELIERS Prestige Rosé is a Crémant de Bordeaux from Saint-Emilion. Made from the Cabernet Franc grape, this beautiful salmon-coloured sparkling wine delivers plenty of fresh red fruit on the nose and palate. Showcasing the appeal of the Cabernet Franc grape in sparkling wine, it will invite you for a second and third sip. And maybe a fourth.

LES CORDELIERS Prestige Brut Blanc

LES CORDELIERS Prestige Brut Blanc is a Crémant de Bordeaux from Saint-Emilion. Crémant de Bordeaux can be made across this famous region, and yet it is often hard to come by outside of it – perhaps that is what makes it so exciting to try! Made from the Semillon grape that is native to Bordeaux, this crémant showcases the grape’s ability unique profile – floral, mineral, and fresh green grass. This sparkler is the perfect introduction to the Crémant de Bordeaux category, as it is delicious, intriguing and (thanks to the Semillion) something different from the ordinary!


FERRARI Brut is a traditional method sparkling wine from Northern Italy’s Trento DOC, which is located equidistant to Italy’s two other main sparkling wine producing regions: Franciacorta and the Prosecco producing Valdobiaddene area. The Ferrari Brut is made in the traditional method from Chardonnay, and aged 20 months on the lees, it delivers plenty of complexity, fresh apple and a touch of yeast on the nose and palate. Though close to Prosecco, as the Ferrari Brut demonstrates, it’s in a league of its own.


FERRARI Perlé is an iconic sparkling wine, also hailing from the Ferrari estate in Trento DOC. The wine is a testament to the ability of this Northern Italian region to grow exceptional Chardonnay, and it provides the perfect backbone to this wine. In profile, it is more intense than the Ferrari Brut: more golden in colour, more aromatic with hints of ripe apple, almond croissant and a touch of white flower. This intensity is what makes the wine special, and it holds its own with the world’s finest bubbles.

FAMILIA TORRES Cuvée Esplendor Vardon Kennett 2013 Brut

FAMILIA TORRES Cuvée Esplendor Vardon Kennett 2013 Brut is the first sparkling wine from Famila Torres, Spain’s largest winery. This organic, vintage dated traditional method sparkling continues to surprise. It hails from the Penedés region of Spain, but the family chose to forgo participating in the Cava appellation. The reason for this? Forecasting the effects of climate change on their estate, Familia Torres is drawing their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for this wine from estate-owned vineyards that are higher up in the Pyrenees, and just outside the Cava appellation. What you will find is a fresh, zippy sparkling wine with lively citrus notes, plenty of that signature Penedés minerality, along with brioche and subtle fruit. We may not be able to travel to Barcelona or the vineyards of Catalunya, but a glass of the Cuvée Esplendor will take you there!

CA’DEL BOSCO Cuvée Prestige

CA’DEL BOSCO Cuvée Prestige makes a big first impression, with its fanciful, gold cellophane wrapping and whimsical chartreuse coloured label. But there is more to this DOCG Franciacorta than its beautiful exterior. Hailing from Italy’s largest traditional method sparkling wine producing region, and made in the traditional method from a blend of organic Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc, the Cuvée Prestige is complex, and dare we say sumptuous, benefiting from a significant amount of reserve wines from Ca’Del Bosco’s best vintages. Fun fizz fact: each hand harvested grape bunch selected for its ultimate destiny visits what the winery calls a “berry spa.” No, there are no massages and facials, but rather the use of an exclusive bunch washing and jet spray system that incorporates three soaking vats and a drying tunnel. How’s that for a bubble bath?

We have selected the standard 750 ml and the magnum of the Ca’Del Cuvée Prestige. Because, who doesn’t love a magnum? 😎


CHAMPAGNE J.M. LABRUYÈRE Cuvée Prologue is a grower champagne from a small estate in Verzenay, which is located on the northeastern section of the Montagne de Reims, is entirely classified as Grand Cru and is home to a lighthouse that doubles as a museum. But we digress on the last point. Though the grower Champagne was added to Labruyère portfolio in the late 2000s, the estate has a long history of growing high-quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This cuvee spends a minimum of 35 months on the lees, and offers an intense, long and spicy profile (think honeyed ginger), with plenty of crème brûlée, almond croissant and lemon curd on the nose and palate. When we reach for a glass of champagne, this is what we’re seeking. And thank goodness we found the Cuvée Prologue.

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