Give it a SWIRL!

This past year has been a swirl! 😍🍾 With that as the overarching theme of our adventures in the world of wine so far, we couldn’t be more excited to participate in SwirlTO on June 1st , 2018 in Toronto!

So what is SwirlTO?

Well, to sum it up in one sentence, we’d say: SwirlTO is one of Toronto’s premier food and beverage events, celebrating premium wine, spirits and beer from right here in Ontario, and across the globe! SwirlTO’s goal is to heighten the senses and take the “guess work” out of experiencing and enjoying beverages (and cuisine!) from local and international purveyors. Being an elevated food and beverage experience, this event does away with tickets and tokens, and associated fuss! You pay one all-inclusive ticket price to sip and savour everything you’d like.

The 2018 event builds on the success of previous years, and returns to the Evergreen Brick Works (located at 550 Bayview Avenue). An elevated food and beverage experience in one of Toronto’s most iconic event venues? Count us in! 🙌

Unique to TO!

We can’t say that there’s anything quite like SwirlTO in… well, TO! 😜 In fact, this all-inclusive night of wine, spirits and beer tasting here in Toronto (combined with distinctive food pairings by local purveyors) is surely going to be one to remember! One of our favourite things about SwirlTO is that the evening is an awesome opportunity to meet and engage with industry experts, as well as winery, distillery and brewery representatives to learn about their philosophy and showcased products.

Last year there were over 80 exhibitors, and we’re so excited to see who will be showcasing this year! You know, it’s kind of like visiting the Lourve… with so much choice, planning ahead is key! 😉

There’s Something for Everyone to Swirl!

In keeping with that “choose your own adventure” theme, what we love about SwirlTO is that there is something for everyone! Whether you’re a novice, enthusiast or expert when it comes to food and beverage appreciation, SwirlTO has curated a selection of food and beverages from our own backyard here in Ontario, as well across the globe, bringing the best of the best to Toronto.

So Come Swirl with Us!

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience, and come swirl with us at the Evergreen Brick Works on June 1st, 2018! Click here to purchase your all-inclusive tickets (or upgrade to VIP!). As a bonus to our fellow Sparkling Winos, use promo code WINOS5 for $5 off! We can’t wait to see you there! 😊🍾