Gifts that POP! Top 10 Sparkling Wine Gift Ideas

The holidays are all about family, friends and fun. But, in between celebrating, the gift giving part can be stressful – but, thankfully, we’ve got the answer: sparkling wine. We’ve put together this handy gift guide to help you cross a few names off your shopping list. From hipsters to party girls to new moms and your very discerning Millennial friends, here are our Top 10 Sparkling Wine Gift Ideas for everyone on your list. And the best part about giving sparkling wine this holiday season? They might just open it up and share with you! 😉

Grinch Grab/Secret Santa



Joiy Sparkling

We all get roped into one of these every year. You spend all week thinking about a great gift under $20, and brave the insanity at the mall to get it – only to end up with a pair of gloves. Don’t be that person who brings gloves to the grinch grab. Instead, spread some JOIY with this awesome 4-pack of ritzy New Zealand bubbles! Their branding is beautiful, their bubbles are light and refreshing – and best part? It comes in a box so it’s a cinch to wrap!

Hostess with the Mostess



Bottega Mini Sparkling Set (w/ Ice Bag)

Hosting a holiday party is no joke. And, neither is this super practical ice bag and assortment of Prosecco! Help your holiday host unwind by showing up to the party with these 4 mini bottles pre-chilled on ice. Trust us, whether he or she likes their bubbly dry, off-dry or sec, you’ll be thanked! And hey, you can always drink one on the way over and they’ll never know – unless they’ve seen this gift guide of course. 😉




Veuve Clicquot Brut (w/ Arrow Gift Box)

Veuve Clicquot always knocks it out of the park with their branding and gift packaging. This year they’ve knocked it out of the country! Have someone on your list who loves travel, architecture or just has a love affair with a particular city? Grab them one of these – there are 29 different cities from across the globe to choose from! The only work you’ll have to do is dig through boxes of Champagne in the liquor store to get the city or destination you want! If you’re feeling generous, feel free to gift us any one of these bad boys (…except for Montreal, which we have!).




Contraband Sparkling

So, get this – this guy started making wine in his friend’s garage in Montreal. Then, he moved to Bordeaux, France and got a degree in wine-making. Pretty impressive, right? Now he makes the world’s first high quality sparkling wine on tap! That’s right: on tap! The best part? It’s made right here in a “mobile” winery in Ontario. Cool AF, right? Luckily for gift giving purposes, you can also get his stuff bottled, and in three different varieties: Rosé, Riesling, and Chardonnay.

Party Girl



Sofia Blanc de Blancs

Why drink a can of beer, when you can drink a can of bubbles? Get the party started with this cute little 4-pack of Blanc de Blancs (a blend of 70% Pinot Blanc, 15% Riesling, 15% Muscat). Perfect for house parties, picnics, the beach (and post-Polar Bear dips), or for those times when you know you can’t finish a whole bottle of bubbly – but who has that problem? These lovely little ladies come with straws which should ensure those bubbles go straight to your head!

Music Lover



Taittinger Nocturne Sec (w/ Dazzle Disco Gift Box)

Owwwww… FREAK OUT! Le Freak, c’est Chic! Seriously, we’re freaking out over how cool this disco dazzling bottle of Taittinger is. One of our favourite Champagnes, this Nocturne Sec version is sweeter than their Brut in every way – especially with the mirrored disco ball-esque bottle. The perfect sparkling wine gift for your friends that love a good night out at the club, or, enjoy lounging at at home with friends, spinning some vintage disco on vinyl, baby!

Sweet Tooth



Fresh Sparkling

What’s better than a dozen French macarons and a glass (or two) of off-dry bubbles?! Match made in #foodgasm heaven! So go on and indulge that sweet tooth of yours! Oh wait. This is meant to be a gift for someone else… better hope their momma taught them how to share. Fresh Sparkling Riesling or Rosé is a perfect gift for those friends who live life on the sweet, pretty, floral side. Hint hint: bros, your lady friends might love ya just a bit more if you show up with Fresh!

Local Foodie



Trius Brut (w/ Gift Tin & Flutes)

Nothing pairs better with local food than local wine, right? And Trius Brut is one of our favs! This “méthode classique” Ontario sparkling wine is made using grapes found in the traditional Champagne blend (Chardonnay & Pinot Noir) and is exceptionally versatile when it comes to pairing it with food. And this gift set pairs a beautiful bottle of wine with an equally beautiful set of stemless flutes. A perfect gift for your friends who live, love and buy local.

Sparkling Wino!



Laurent-Perrier Brut & Vintage 2006 Champagne (w/ Metal Gift Tote)

Got a sparkling wine enthusiast on your list? They’ll LOVE this idea. A bottle of Laurent-Perrier non-vintage Champagne (non-vintage means that a percentage of reserve wine is added to achieve a desired house style and ensure that every bottle tastes the same) and a bottle of Laurent-Perrier 2006 vintage Champagne (vintage Champagnes are only produced 3 or 4 times a decade, and are produced using only fruit from the year indicated on the bottle. Resulting in a fuller, more complex Champagne than the non-vintage house style). These are super fun to taste side-by-side and compare, and come with a gorgeous metal gift tote that you can show up to any party with and look like a boss.


Please Note: as we live in Toronto, Canada all the wines featured in this list are available in our market through the LCBO. While some are only available locally, a number of them come from large producers and should be available worldwide. Happy shopping! 🍾