About Us

Hi, We’re Mike and Jeff – the Sparkling Winos!

Welcome to our blog about all things bubbly! From Champagne, to Cava, to Prosecco and beyond – our fondness for fizz is explosive!  So, grab a glass and join us on our sparkling wine adventures – and along the way we’ll share our knowledge and experiences about the most fun, versatile and delicious style of wine with you!

We met way back in 2004, and there began our love affair with each other… and bubbles! We couldn’t afford Champagne on our modest student budgets, but we quickly learned how to get the most (and best) bubbles for our buck. Through education, travel, life experiences, and plenty of tasting and evaluating – we’ve learned a lot about sparkling wines over the past decade. As we continue our life journey together, our love of all things bubbly has remained constant, and so have the questions about sparkling wine from all of our friends on the “bubbly bandwagon”. We’ve been told that we have a fresh, focussed, and unpretentious attitude towards sparkling wine and that we shouldn’t keep it bottled up! So now that we’re a little bit uh… let’s just say wiser… we decided to get our act together and start a blog to share our sparkling wine knowledge, reviews, food pairings, and travel tips with you – our fellow “sparkling winos”!

Mike has a passion for bubbly (I mean, his Instagram handle is @omgchampagne) – along with geography, research, maps and infographics. And Jeff is a Certified Wine Specialist who’s fascination with fizz is so fierce that he even wrote a song about it. Above all else, we believe that sparkling wine should be fun – and that’s the approach that we’ve taken with this blog. From infographics, food pairings and value picks, to bubbly reviews, news and travel tips – we hope to demystify sparkling wine and help make learning about it (and tasting it!) approachable and fun. We hope that you’ll join us on our sparkling wine journey as we reinforce the fact that sparkling wine is no longer just for celebrations, and that there’s a whole other world out there beyond “red or white”. Because let’s face it: when you’ve got bubbles, you got no troubles!

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