Champagne & Oysters – Name a More Iconic Duo… We’ll Wait!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a duo more iconic than Sonny & Cher – Champagne & Oysters! So cuddle up with your significant other (…or your cat), pop a bottle of bubbly and get to shuckin’! (See what we did there? Let’s see how many shucking puns we can come up with in this post).

We recently had the pleasure of attending a Shuck U class at Oyster Boy here in Toronto with the iYellow Wine Club angels – and our eyes (and shells) were opened up to all things oyster! From the various varieties and how they are grown, to shucking and presenting them, and everything in between. It was pretty shuckin’ epic! And since Champagne and oysters are a match made in #foodgasm heaven, we thought we’d share some of our newfound knowledge with you and explain why Champagne and oysters are one of the most quintessential food and wine pairings!

Why Champagne & Oysters?!

It all starts with the soils in which the grapes are grown. The Champagne region of France is world famous for its chalky mineral-rich soils, which impart a richness and elegance in the wine. Millions of years ago this geographic area was fully submerged in water. An earthquake at the the centre of the sea caused it to dry up, and the fossilized remains of the sea creatures were deposited into the soil. So it should come as no surprise that Champagne pairs so well with seafood, as it has its roots (literally) in what once was the sea. You can often taste hints of these mineral notes (that some describe as “saline-tinged minerality” or “oyster-shell”) in Champagne.

The cool climate and mineral rich soils of Champagne ensure its wines have a vibrant acidity. This helps to cleanse your palate between bites, and is especially helpful if you’re enjoying your oysters with a selection of different mignonettes. But what makes this pairing extra special? The bubbles of course! The tight and vibrant effervescence in a Champagne compliment the smooth and briny body of the oyster perfectly. Not to mention the fact that they’re both aphrodisiacs. 👀

So now that you know why Champagne and oysters are the perfect pairing, it’s time to go open up a bottle and get to shuckin’ with your Valentine’s Day date! We’ll leave you with this:

How to Shuck an Oyster

Good luck, and don’t shuck it up!

To learn ALL about oysters (and get some 1-on-1 shucking guidance) grab a friend and sign up for a Shuck U class at Oyster Boy! Seriously, it’s a shuckin’ epic way to spend a Saturday! 🙌


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