Mater & Filii Cuvée Crescendo Champagne – Review

This is “POP or FLOP”, where we taste test sparkling wines so you don’t have to! (Tough job, we know! 😉) This week we’re sippin’ on the Cuvée Crescendo from Mater & Filii in Champagne, France! 🇫🇷🍾 So is this beautiful indigo blue bottle one to POP? Or is it a FLOP? Let’s shall we? 😉

Social Media can be a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to discovering wonderful people, products and experiences. Or, in the case of Champagnes Mater et Filii… all three!

We crossed paths with Mater et Filii digitally, and our Sparkling Wino senses were tingling! Where is this colourfully labelled wine from? What does the logo mean? What’s their philosophy? Needless to say, we were intrigued by the bold choice. But enough about the label, let’s get to the wine, shall we? 😏

Mater et Filii – as the name (meaning “mother and sons”) would suggest, reflects a unique family history. A son, working in the finance and legal world for over twenty years, returns to a family vineyard as his mother sets her sights on retirement. And, he one ups the adventure by creating a champagne aimed to stand out in both quality and style. To stand out, Mater et Filii worked to create a presence and logo unique on the shelf and in the cellar. The company’s DNA symbol expresses this history of familial legacy, the passing of genes and shared respect for mother nature (“Terra Mater”). And, we couldn’t tell you enough about how much we value a champagne house that dares to stand out from the crowd, with bold colour and design choices. As a festive beverage, champagne has traditionally conveyed a sense of luxury and taste through its labelling. And the  Mater et Filii label strikes just that!

The brand came to life as Jerome Dhuicq took over the vineyard from his mother, who was set to retire. Under her watchful eye, Jerome took his role a step further on his adventure and decided to create a brand of champagne. We have nothing but respect for this bold choice!

Located on the soils of Troissy and Dormans, in the Valley of the Marne, the vineyards at Mater et Filii are divided into a several plots, where Pinot Meunier is the dominant grape variety (sidebar: we love the unsung hero that is Meunier, so hats off again!). While some of vineyards are youthful, the oldest vineyard is almost 50 years old. It’s no surprise that old vines thrive here, as the Marne and the western oceanic influence offers a moderated climate with moderate precipitation. The subsoils offer great drainage, are chalk rich and provide support for the fruit.

We know, we know. You’re thinking: how’s the wine?! So, a few more words, and we won’t hold you any longer. 😆

The Cuvée Crescendo, boldly presented behind an indigo label, offers a perfect blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Crescendo implies an increase in intensity, be it in music or in experience. Surely, the Cuvée Crescendo is the perfect place to explore the Champagnes of Mater et Filii, n’est pas? Oui! So, was it a POP or a FLOP? Let’s see! 🤓

Appearance  👀

  • Pale golden colour, with a powerful (yet super elegant) effervescence and creamy mousse. Elegant and lively, this Champagne was singing in our glasses! 😍

Aroma 👃

  • Incredibly complex with a very distinctive (and mouth watering!) autolytic character. We were drawn in by aromas of fresh almond croissant, burnt sugar, caramelized apple, lemon peel, grapefruit, and wet stone… like a summer rain in Reims! 🙌

Flavour 👅

  • The palate was rich and complex, driven by autolytic and mineral characters. Bursting with flavours of baked brioche, yellow pear, tart spring apple, preserved lemon, and a distinct almond note – almost marzipan like. Medium+ to full bodied, high acidity, with a lingering mineral finish.

Food Pairing 🍽

  • Forget the meal… we’re drinking this Champagne for dinner! 😜 But seriously, the weight and complexity of this wine lends itself to pairing perfectly with any and all occasions, and all kinds of rich foods. Think creamy brie style cheeses, a decadent white pasta sauce, osyters, mussels… nom nom nom!

The Verdict? 💁

  • It’s… a POP! Well, as you would expect from a wine aptly named Cuvée Crescendo, this wine sings! 🎶 In fact, we felt as it was perfectly harmonious upon experiencing it from the bottle to the glass. As we began our sensory analysis, we turned to one another in sheer pleasure. Mike even got goosebumps! 🙊 When can you say that a wine gave you goosebumps?! That’s certainly something special. We rarely get the opportunity to try grower Champagnes in this market, but were very lucky to have experienced this wine from such a bold and respectful producer. If you ever cross paths with it (or any other Mater et Filii Champagnes) don’t let the opportunity pass you by, this wine was just magical! 😍🦄

Mater & Filii Cuvée Crescendo


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