#MimosaHacks! The Mimos’eh – or, the Canadian Mimosa!

It’s been a while and we Sparkling Winos think it’s time for another #MimosaHack! It’s February 20 – Family Day in Ontario, Canada 😍 So what better way to celebrate your favourites than with your favourite – a mimosa? Today’s no ordinary Family Day – in 2017, Toronto’s CN Tower (the western hemisphere’s tallest free standing structure) is turning 41, the Canadian Flag is turning 52 and Canada is turning (a whopping) 150! We may be a baby of a country, but we know how to festivate! So let us help you turn your Mimosa into a Mimos’eh, in honour of red maple, a shirtlessly hunky Prime Minister and amazing, traditional method bubbles (that’s right – we make quite a few of ’em in Ontario!) 🍾

We won’t lie: we think the Mimos’eh is great (editor’s note: Canadians say “eh” a lot, at the end of sentences and in place of affirmative statements such as ‘I know right?’). The Mimos’eh brings together some of our favourite Canadian things: Cuvée Close (Prosecco-style) sparkling wine, the gloriously golden Ungava Gin, Ontario Maple Syrup and … lemons (sorry, OJ!). Now, Canada’s not exactly a tropical country but 3/4 “home grown” ingredients ain’t bad, eh?

What You’ll Need

  • A  Cuvée Close (Prosecco-style) sparkling wine (since this is a cocktail, save your Champagne for later in the day! 🙌). We chose Jackson-Triggs, a local producer from right here in Niagara!
  • Ungava Gin
  • Canadian Maple Syrup (none of that Aunt Jemima hydrogenated corn syrup whatever the heck, ok?)
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice, about 2 lemons worth
  • A lemon twist (or small lemon wedge, for garnish)
  • Ice cubes in your cocktail shaker


  • Step 1: In a cocktail shaker add a few ice cubes, 1 ounce Ungava Gin, 1 ounce lemon juice, and 1 ounce fresh lemon juice. Shake well.
  • Step 2: Pour 1 ounce of mixture into 1 champagne flute, divide the rest.
  • Step 3: Top with sparkling wine (…generously, because we’re celebrating family and Canada, ok!?)
  • Step 4: Garnish with a lemon wedge or, if you’re feeling festive, a CN Tower stir stick!
  • Step 5: Enjoy with loved ones! (Full disclosure: @omgclassic is in Las Vegas for work so I, @omgchampagne, drank both Mimos’ehs while our cat Milo judged the crap out of me). Happy Family Day, eh!