The Prosecco Vending Machine is a real thing… and we found it!

Picture it: you’re trekking up the gorgeous, steep, hills of Valdobbiadene in the Prosecco region of Italy – sweaty, out of breath and thirsty you see what appears to be a vending machine full of sparkling wine in the distance. 😳 Could it be? Is it a mirage? Nope – its the infamous Prosecco vending machine!

We arrived at Osteria senz’Oste (based on the recommendation of our driver) to find a rustic farmhouse in the hills full of everything you’d need for a romantic Italian picnic – bread, cheese and cured meats, all with a “pay what you can” approach. Pretty cool! Except, well one thing was missing… wine! We stepped outside and immediately noticed a sign indicating “Prosecco 🍾➡”


Intrigued (and a little confused) we followed the sign up a steep hill with a very narrow path, when and about 5 minutes later…


Like a gift from the wine gods, with a beaming aura around it – there it was! The Prosecco vending machine in all its glory!


We pulled back the sunscreen to reveal the magnificant contraption stocked full of chilled Prosecco! All affordably priced between 8 – 20 Euros. We were spoiled for choice, so we picked a brut with the coolest label and the bottle was dispensed by a high tech arm gadget thingy that lifted the bottle out of its slot and gently brought it down for our enjoyment.

The machine even has cups on the side! Wowed by this marvel of human ingenuity, we left our change in the machine (we think of this as paying it forward to the universe) and enjoyed our bubbles with the most perfect view of view of Valdobbiadene. No pictures will do the moment justice, and it’s not just because we had prosecco goggles on!


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the vending machine doesn’t demand ID for purchases.



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