#MimosaHacks – with Kavi Reserve!

It’s all about dad this weekend! And what do dad’s love more than most… uh, dad things? Whisky! We’ve been obsessing over the new Kavi Reserve – a small batch cold-brewed coffee blended Canadian Whisky (say that 3 times fast!) that’s expertly crafted with all natural ingredients. The coffee and whisky are made specifically to compliment each other, resulting in something seriously delicious, and totally unique.

#MimosaHacks – The Shamro’sa!

It’s the most boozy day of the year! No, we’re not talking about Christmas dinner at your aunt’s place with all your obnoxious relatives – were talking about St. Patrick’s Day! A day full of green beer and people decked out in shamrock accessories from the dollar store. 😆 While we’re not huge beer drinkers ourselves, we do love our drinks bubbly! So we’ve come up with a lighter (and naturally green) way to enjoy St. Paddy’s Day – our Sham’rosa! (Or… Shamrock Mimosa – get it?) 😜🍀

#MimosaHacks! The Mimos’eh – or, the Canadian Mimosa!

It’s been a while and we Sparkling Winos think it’s time for another #MimosaHack! It’s February 20 – Family Day in Ontario, Canada 😍 So what better way to celebrate your favourites than with your favourite – a mimosa? Today’s no ordinary Family Day – in 2017, Toronto’s CN Tower (the western hemisphere’s tallest free standing structure) is turning 41, the Canadian Flag is turning 52 and Canada is turning (a whopping) 150! We may be a baby of a country, but we know how to festivate! So let us help you turn your Mimosa into a Mimos’eh, in honour of red maple, a shirtlessly hunky Prime Minister and amazing, traditional method bubbles (that’s right – we make quite a few of ’em in Ontario!) 🍾

#MimosaHacks! The French 100

You better sit down for this one – its time for #MimosaHacks! Where we’ll teach you how to up your brunch game with some epic new Mimosa recipes. So let’s get mimosional baby! Sure, the Mimosa is awesome. Heck yeah, the French 75 is great. But you should know by now that we Sparkling Winos gotta keep it 💯! So we took the classic Mimosa and the French 75 and remixed them to create… the French 💯! I mean, why settle for a B+ when you can have an A, right?