The Trius Tour – Billions of Bubbles Ahead!

We had the absolute pleasure of experiencing #TheTriusTour at Trius Winery in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake this past weekend. This fully immersive (and incredibly Instagrammable) tour highlights a few of Trius’ star performers: the Trius Rosé, the iconic Trius Red, and of course their all-star award winning Sparkling portfolio, which is comprised of the Trius Brut, the Trius Brut Rosé, and the Showcase Blanc de Blancs – easily our favourite Ontario sparkler of the past year.

Trius Showcase Blanc de Blancs

But, before we delve deeper into the billions of bubbles, it must be said that in all of our wine travels around the world, we’ve never experienced something quite like this! Trius has done a phenomenal job in capturing the spirit of their wines, and presenting them in a fun, informative, and hyper visual way… with samples in hand to ignite the senses and help discover the “sparkle that ignites the spark” of course! 😉

Winemaker Craig McDonald

The tour begins by climbing up a set of hot-pink stairs to an elevated vineyard perch, where you’ll chill with a glass of Trius Rosé overlooking their estate vineyards – or lounge on the fabulous chaise and as you build up some strength to exercise your selfie muscles in front of the gorgeous Rosé All Day flower wall (we’re never one to miss a good selfie spot – especially when a neon sign is involved)! 😎

From there, you’ll descend into the cellar, where another neon sign alerts you of the “billions of bubbles ahead”. And we can only imagine this is what heaven looks like! 😍

As you make your way into Trius’ underground Sparkling Wine Cellar – the largest of its kind in Canada, with a capacity of about 750,000 bottles – you’ll have the opportunity to put your nose to the test as you guess five different aromas wafting from antique perfume bottles (all typical aromas that you’d find in traditional method sparkling wine). Happy to report, that we scored a solid A+! 😎

As you head around the corner, you’ll find yourself deep in the centre of the Sparkling Wine Cellar – or “the mothership” as we like to call it! With bottles meticulously stacked everywhere, and super cool infographics demonstrating the sparkling winemaking process, and other fun facts about bubbles. Followed by a sabrage, and a sample of the Trius Brut of course!

Red wine lovers – fear not – you certainly weren’t forgotten when it came to planning #TheTriusTour. Next stop is the barrel cellar for a lesson on blending, and a taste of the iconic Trius Red – a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that’s been winning hearts of Canadian wine lovers for 25 years. You’ll have a chance to snap a pic of one of the earliest awards that the Trius Red brought home, along with the gorgeous library of back vintages.

As you emerge from the cellar, you’ll whisk by the Trius Brut Bar – an outdoor patio area pouring wines by the glass (and Frosé!) paired with charcuterie and pizzas – as you make your way to the epic Trius Sparkling House!

Now this is where our minds were blown. 🤯 As we mentioned earlier, we’ve been to many of the big sparkling wine regions of the world but have never experiences something quite like this!

A cork cage swing? Check! A bubble tub? Check! A secret bubbly infinity room? Check! Brut Rosé and cotton candy? Check! Yeah. They weren’t kidding when they dubbed this “the most Instagrammable winery tour on the planet”! We can absolutely confirm this to be true… and you know how we feel about Instagram! (We’re obsessed 😜).

There’s always room for more bubbles!

If you’re visiting Niagara-on-the-Lake, or live in the area, The Trius Tour is an incredible experience that cannot be missed! Tours run daily, and are $35 per person (or $17.50) for wine club members. To book, click here.