Gifts that POP! Top 10 Sparkling Wine Gift Ideas for Mom

If there’s one thing we love more than sparkling wine… it’s our moms! But they’re impossible to buy for. I’m sure every kid out there has heard the “I don’t need anything!” line a thousand times… until now! 😉 We’ve put together this handy Mother’s Day gift guide featuring 10 unique (and delicious!) sparkling wines that all the moms out there will be sure to love… remember, you’re probably the reason she drinks the stuff! 😜

#MimosaHacks! The Mimos’eh – or, the Canadian Mimosa!

It’s been a while and we Sparkling Winos think it’s time for another #MimosaHack! It’s February 20 – Family Day in Ontario, Canada 😍 So what better way to celebrate your favourites than with your favourite – a mimosa? Today’s no ordinary Family Day – in 2017, Toronto’s CN Tower (the western hemisphere’s tallest free standing structure) is turning 41, the Canadian Flag is turning 52 and Canada is turning (a whopping) 150! We may be a baby of a country, but we know how to festivate! So let us help you turn your Mimosa into a Mimos’eh, in honour of red maple, a shirtlessly hunky Prime Minister and amazing, traditional method bubbles (that’s right – we make quite a few of ’em in Ontario!) 🍾

Gifts that POP! Top 10 Sparkling Wine Gift Ideas

The holidays are all about family, friends and fun. But, in between celebrating, the gift giving part can be stressful – but, thankfully, we’ve got the answer: sparkling wine. We’ve put together this handy gift guide to help you cross a few names off your shopping list. From hipsters to party girls to new moms and your very discerning Millennial friends, here are our Top 10 Sparkling Wine Gift Ideas for everyone on your list. And the best part about giving sparkling wine this holiday season? They might just open it up and share with you! 😉 Grinch Grab/Secret Santa [one_half]   [/one_half] …

#MimosaHacks! The French 100

You better sit down for this one – its time for #MimosaHacks! Where we’ll teach you how to up your brunch game with some epic new Mimosa recipes. So let’s get mimosional baby! Sure, the Mimosa is awesome. Heck yeah, the French 75 is great. But you should know by now that we Sparkling Winos gotta keep it 💯! So we took the classic Mimosa and the French 75 and remixed them to create… the French 💯! I mean, why settle for a B+ when you can have an A, right?

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial – Review

This is POP or FLOP, where every Wednesday we review a different sparkling wine from across the globe and let you know if it’s a bottle you should POP… or if it’s a FLOP! This week we’ve got Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne from France – in their super cute new #MiniMoet format! 😍 Who said bigger is always better?!     Moët & Chandon was established by Claude Moët (obviously!) in 1743, and today is a globally recognized champagne brand synonymous with elegance, Napoleon, and the invention of sabrage – the art of sabering the tops off Champagne bottles. The Champagne house also holds a royal …